Let the Beer Rating Begin!


March 1, 2013 by kylelecl

Hello there Beer lovers!

Monday was my 21st birthday! and although I have been tasting and appreciating all types of beers since i was 14 years old, its now completely legal for me to Blog about my beerspeerience!

Ever since that fatal sip from a 40 oz Budweiser during an after school hangout with some high school buds,I knew that I had fallen in love with beer. Since then I have learned to appreciate all different styles of beer, my personal favorite is Irish stout, namely Guinness draught (OFF THE TAP at the right temp!)however I am a big fan of really hoppy and bitter IPA styles, as well as the witte Belgian style beers. I can’t say that there is a beer style that I don’t like though, except maybe really watered down piss beer like Busch ice or something similar.

Anyway! last weekend for my 21st I had a really tasty Tripel style beer, similar to a Trappist style but made with three times the amount of malt for that extra bite! From the Unibroue Brewery in Quebec,CA –((which is a gorgeous town, If you get the chance to make it up there do it! I would suggest going during the winter months to get the full effect of the beautiful architecture and warm people, especially when its too bitingly cold to do anything else but grab a seat at the pub and throw back some delicious french Canadian beers, and poutine of course!))–

This beer shocked me at the high alcohol content- 9%, however on taking my first sip out of my Birthday stein(pictures will be below), I didn’t taste the alcohol at all, what i did taste was a very peppery,smooth and sweet beer. The head was off white in color, the beer itself was a perfect deep gold color, looked amber from afar but in the light shines gold! awesome! This beer has a bite of a spicy bite and a dryer finish, sort of reminiscent of an after dinner sweet Spanish wine, but none the less the alcohol was quite well hidden!


Long story short this beer was a little fruity, sweet and spicy drink I was very happy with! I would definitely recommend this beer to a friend, or to a stranger, or to the pope, it tastes great!

Overall Rating: 4 French Canadians out of 5

Pics of my Birthday present!

Me holding my Hofbrau Stein

This stein came all the way from Germany! My mom got it when she was a little kid living there in the 50’s many moons ago!

Until we meet again Beer Drinkers!



2 thoughts on “Let the Beer Rating Begin!

  1. congrats on the 21st birthday. I haven’t explored enough of Canada and am totally jealous about you enjoying Quebec.

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