Beer of the week: St. Peter’s English Ale


March 2, 2013 by kylelecl

Hello there Beer Drinkers!

I’m pleased to inform you that I have chosen the beer of the week,yeah you guessed it, St. Peter’s English Ale! Woo! Being 21 sure is sweet, this is my 5th day as a legal drinker, and let me tell you I haven’t wasted any time thus far. Last night I tried another one of my birthday presents, this one was a bit weaker in alcohol, about 4.5% in volume, but let me tell   you what it lacked in bang it made up for in bite! Damn was this a tasty beer!Image

Hailing from the Rural area of Suffolk, in Eastern England, this beer is born in a medieval hall! kickass! The brewerey there has a secret source of magical water that has remained there since the beginning of time, or so the bottle claims!

This ale is completely organic, from the hops to the barley, so what comes out of the brewing process is not only natural but completely unique to any beer I’ve ever tasted! Upon opening my bottle (which by the way has a really cool old west cure all tonic kinda of style going on), I noticed that this beer has a very strong, bitter smell. Upon taking my first sip I was literally knocked back by the full bodied taste of this beer. I got a strong bitterness right off the back, really hoppy flavoring, with a more sudlte malty hint, mostly hoppy bitterness going on, the after taste is reminiscent to that of a typical american IPA, however the overall feeling i got was a refreshing, really flavorful beer, with a smooth finish, no alcohol tasted at all here. I think because of there commitment to organic brewing, you really can taste each ingredient that goes into the beer. I’ve never really tasted barley in a beer or real natural hops i think, these ingredients have complex and subtle characteristics to them that are other wise  washed out in the brewing process by most breweries, however St. Peters really hit the note with this ale. I won’t elaborate too much more on the flavor, long story short, a bitter, floral-hoppy smooth ale, a definite must try for English ale lovers, as well as bitter IPA lovers as well! I would definitely recommend this beer to a friend, and a friend of a friend, and a friend of their friend’s friend.

Rating: 3.8 medieval halls out of 5

Here’s another pic of the beer next to my favorite cup in the world, my birthday stein! Thanks mom!


(here’s the cool bottle on the rack, it’ll run you around 6-8 bucks a pop)


Thanks for reading guys if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment,and as always,


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