EMERGENCY REVIEW: You must read this NOW!


March 4, 2013 by kylelecl

Emergency review: You must read this review now!
Stone IPA- Enjoy by 4-1-13 Double IPA
Ok guys, it’s sunday night, you know what that means, time for a big hockey game, some good food and even better beer. Thankfully for us here at BH, we got all three tonight, and in no small way either. While the Rangers and the Sabres went at it like a couple of drunk frat guys at a scheezy night club, I waited for my special beer from Stone IPA to cool down in my fridge while chowing down on some awesome chicken Parmesan with roasted vegetables. Now when I was at the grocery store on friday night, I was assured by their resident beer expert that Enjoy by 4.01.13 was by far the most sought after beer at the store, because of its extreme freshness and superb, almost mythical hoppiness. Looking at the back of the bottle I noticed that the brewers over at Stone, in CA, went to great efforts not to alter the natural state of this IPA, infact they apparently went to great lengths to make the freshness window of this beer very slim, by adding certain types of barley, spices, fruits and excessive amounts of hops that dont typically stay very fresh in preservative-frew brew types.Needles to say with the expiration date as the titler of this beer, my expectations were very high, I opened up my 22oz bomber and poured some out into my clean pint glass. Image

Right off the bat, I got a huge wiff of hops, and I mean HOPS. The aroma of this beer was super strong, almost reminiscent of a certain illegal herb that is green and smoked casually by most rappers, and deadheads. Anyway, upon taking in my first sip, I got a huge hit of fullbodied flavour, big hops, citrus, some pepper notes, and a long lasting bitteryhop flavor on the back ofthe tastebuds. Image

The color of this IPA is a bit darker gold than a standard pilsner, with a nice thin head on top, really beautiful beer here. About half way through the lacing from the first sip is still clinging to the rim of the glass, amazing. You would never have guessed that this ale had a 9.4% alcohol rating, because of the extreme hoppy flavors that hide it so well. Most importantly here was the freshness, now I know what some of you guys are thinking, freshness and beer don’t always go hand in hand however the Stone Brewery really went above and beyond on the freshness of this masterpiece IPA, refreshing, bitter, hoppy, a bit fruity, really a superb beer, and one that I would usually recommend to a friend except for the fact that they have less than a month left to get there hands on a bottle. Image

This bottle ran my about 9 dollars at Premier grocery in Amherst, Buffalo NY, but if you’re currently reading this from your laptop in a bigger city or urban area, Im guessing this bottle will run you anywhere from 10 to 15 bucks. As it states on the back of the bottle the best time to enjoy this beer is now! I mean NOW, get your ass to the store and pick one up, you can thank me later!
Overall rating: 4.5 fresh hop buds out of 5

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