Now for a BeerHub first…Thirsty Thursday Battles!


March 7, 2013 by kylelecl

Hey folks, just as many of you have been dreaming about, tonight we make our first installment into the Thirsty Thursday Battles!

Tonight for your reading pleasure My fellow beer enthusiast and friend Jason Kress and I will be pitting two American IPAs against each other in the battle for hoppy dominance.

Now you can read Jason’s review on the Bengali Tiger from Six Points!–

“What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry” taken from the Bengali Tiger’s can. With poetry like that, you can expect the beer in your hands is something special and Sixpoint definitely delivers with it’s American IPA Bengali Tiger. I am a sucker for great design and Sixpoint has always impressed me with their elegant and stylish cans. As I went to unleash the Tiger into a glass, I was smacked with an hoppy aroma.


In the glass, the beer holds a majestic amber color and beautiful body that reflects the prized coat of a Bengal Tiger. Upon drinking this beast you understand why the beer deserves such a ferocious theme; it is an unrelenting experience. For a Pale Ale, this brew is incredibly smooth and easy to drink, with just a slight bitter finish. The taste absolutely wonderful and after finishing, I realized that I had just drank one of the most complete and tasty beers I had ever been able to pour into my mouth.

DSCN0211With a little fruity tart taste on the backend, the Tiger separates itself into a league of quality all of its own. Get this beer, it will not disappoint you. Anyway, would you deny a Tiger?

My 2 cents: Fantastic articulation of an American IPA, the Bengali Tiger from Sixpoint has earned:

4.9 successful battles with a Tiger out of 5


Now Kyle’s turn– Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA

First off I would like to start this review by saying, it’s an honor and privilege to be writing a review alongside the beerman Jason Kress, but sadly, my beer is going to reign supreme tonight. I have been waiting a while to try this IPA from DFH(DogFishHead), ever since I started really enjoying IPA style brews. I was always told that this particular IPA was special, not only from reviewers online but also close personal friends and relatives. Going into this review I already had set the bar pretty high, as I love really Hoppy and bitter tasting beers, and have enjoyed every single beer Ive tried from DFH brewery thus far.


Anyway, I poured this bad boy out into my Haufbrau stein (Yes the same stein), this beer had a great    off-white head, with a beautiful deep gold-reddish color, really beautiful. I got hit right away with some citrus and pine aromas. The smell of this beer is fairly complex, the farther away you are from your mug the more it smells fruity, but when you go in for a sip it hits you with some great pine,malt and caramel notes. By now I was salivating and had to take my first sip, which I have to say, was probably one of the greatest first sips I have ever taken. From the aroma I was expecting a real citrus-malty taste, but upon sipping it I got a lot more hops than I was expecting. Man this beer is Hoppy, but not in a bad way. The mix of tropical hops and citrus peel blend perfectly, to create a really complex taste, a bitter, malty, tart and caramel/honey sweet mixture that is super refreshing at the same time.  The mixture of these flavors are such a perfect blend, that the extra dry hopping is just the cherry on top, adding that extra hoppy bite that I always crave. The supreme flavors of this beer range from that very malty and dark caramel notes, to tart and refreshing citrus, as well as floral and bitter hops, a real winning combo. These flavors hide the 9% alcohol content very well too, not even noticing an alcohol taste at all actually. The after taste of this beer is the bitter and piney flavor of your typical IPA, however the citrus also lingers  on the palette for a while.DSCN0209 I honestly think this beer is up there on my top 5 list of all time even after just having one sip, Yes I’m serious! DFH brewers killed it on this IPA, its flavorful, strong, full-bodied, great lasting aromas and tastes, just an all over champion IPA. I would not only recommend this beer, but I thoroughly encourage you to get to your local beer store and pick up a 4-pack of these bad boys right now!

Overall rating: 4.8 Heavyweight IPA Championship Belts out of 5

Thanks for reading guys, and as always,



One thought on “Now for a BeerHub first…Thirsty Thursday Battles!

  1. […] Well folks, you guessed it, no competition here the 90 minute IPA from DFH is leaps and bounds ahead of the other beers we tasted this week, not just taste wise but the all over experience you have while drinking this amazing IPA. Read more about this beer here– […]

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