Winter Beer Session- Winterbraun

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March 7, 2013 by kylelecl

Hey folks, tonight marks the first ever BeerHub Winter Beer session, we will be focusing on a different seasonal beer designed for the winter months every week until spring.. When the spring beers come around!

Tonights Brew is Winterbraun from Lost Coast Bewery, in Eureka California. Now being that it’s currently 15 degrees outside my room here in Buffalo, NY, anything that can reduce the arctic chill in my room is aces in my book, and thankfully Winterbraun brown ale is perfect for the job. I picked up this bottle as one of a pick any 6 deal at Premier gourmet in Amherst NY,(which by the way has an incredible selection of craft beer as well as an intelligent beer staff that can answer any questions or make a suggestions for a certain style of beer. They also have a growlers club for the more avid drinker! Check them out when you can–, Pouring the Winterbraun into my Haufbrau stein, I immediately noticed the strong coffee-malty aroma that was released from the bottle. My first sip was a mixture of very malty, sweet, some nuttiness to it, as well as very strong coffee,chocolate and caramel notes. This beer has a very dark brown tint to it, with a bit of gold when put to the light, very nice looking. I was very impressed with the earthy flavors here, not very typical of the super maltiness of an average English ale. I was even more impressed at the alcohol content, an 8% rating, which I honestly wouldn’t have noticed unless I looked at the bottle, the coffee and nutty flavors covered up that alcohol taste quite nicely. The aftertaste that lingers on the tongue is a bitter coffee mixed with some slight spice and hoppy notes.


All in all this is one of the better seasonal brown ales I’ve had, and I would definitely say if your a fan of English style ales, pick this one up to try! 

Overall rating: 4.1 Eurekas! out of 5

Thanks for reading and as always,



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