Beer of the Week (3/18-3/25)– Troegs Perpetual IPA!

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March 18, 2013 by kylelecl

The moment has arrived y’all, time to reveal this week’s best beer…Troegs Perpetual IPA! Alright!

So being that last week was my spring break, I had a number of chances to try some very tasty beers, mostly at restaurants, meaning off the tap. Man do I love my beers freshly poured out off the tap. Anyway, at one particular restaurant, Strong Place (an American Bistro in Brooklyn, NY- which I highly recommend, try the falafel!)I noticed that Troegs was featured on tap, and being that I previously just had a bad beersperience with Troegs- (The Flying Mouflan), I wanted to give Troegs a shot at redemption, and man was I glad that I did.

This IPA, Perpetual IPA from troegs, poured out into a pint glass, showed a nice dark gold color, with a healthy white head, nice looking pint! 082611 Troegs PerpetualIPAAfter sampling some great falafel, and beet salad, I dived head first into my pint. The smell of this IPA was very hoppy, a blend of sweet floral hops, with a bit of herbal notes, and citrus notes, very pungent! Sipping this beer I got a lot of similar flavors on the palette from the aroma, floral hops, citrus fruityness, and mostly a nice sweet feel overall, with a balanced bitterness on the front and backend of the sipping. This beer had a great dichotomy from the fruity sweetness to the bitter hoppy characteristics, it almost seemed as though they took the best parts from a Belgian style ale, and blended them with the best parts of a hoppy american IPA, producing a nice twist on a classic IPA. The body on this beer was really great, nice carbonation, great lacing on the glass, a thick head and a loud “ahhh!” after each refreshing sip. I have to say I was a bit disappointed in Troeg’s barleywine the Flying Mouflan, however just a few days later I got to try this fantastic IPA, and immediately became a fan of this Brewery yet again! The Troegs bros over in Pennsylvania really have  a knack for creating really tasty IPAs, and this particular IPA was awesome! Bitter, sweet, floral, piny, smooth and refreshing! All the flavors come together here perfectly, and so much so that Absolutely no alcohol is noticed AT ALL!even with a 7.5% ABV!perpetual

I think that the Perpetual IPA has the right stuff, and has earned its spot here as the Beer of the Week.  I recommend hitting your local pub and grabbing a pint of this brew, it’s refreshing and full bodied! and did I mention affordable? Yeah dude, I know its amazing.

Overall rating: 4.5 Redemption Roundhouse Kicks from Chuck Norris out of 5

Thanks for reading guys, and as always,


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