JK Reviews #2: Beers for a Cause!

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March 21, 2013 by kylelecl

Hey guys, it’s Wednesday night, we’re almost over the hump so It’s time to celebrate! Tonight my fellow beer enthusiast Jason and I got try out a Pilsner he picked out from premier gourmet, Abita’s SOS (save our shore) a session beer from the Louisiana Brewery. Not until we popped open the 22oz Bomber, did we notice the blurb on the back that stated the real purpose behind this beer. This Pilsner was brewed for a cause, to help fund the restoration of the gulf coast after the Deep water horizon tragedy. For every bottle sold, 75 cents is donated to the cause, over 350,000 dollars has been raised so far, awesome! Seeing as this bottle was only 4 bucks, it’s not a bad deal for all parties involved, especially all the ducks and sea turtles bathing in crude oil. Anyway we both tried this Pilsner, so tonight you guys get double the reviews for the price of none. Let’s start with Jason Kress!

Jason is Currently Mastering his Review, it will be up soon!

Now let’s hear from Kyle!

After learning that this beer was actually a charity beer, I felt a bit excited to see what it was all about. After it was poured into my clean pint, I got some wiffs of floral hops, but mostly a really malty bread smell, with a tiny bit of lemon at the end. The aromas were all very subdued however, not a really strong smell coming from the glass at all. The color of this beer is a bright gold, with a thick white head on top.Image The first sip was a mix strong matly sweetness with very slight hop bitterness and a very light hint of citrus and peppery notes on the finish. I was suprised at how clean this beer tastes, as should be expected of a pilsner. This beer is refreshing and light, easy drinking here, although there is a dry finish, a mix of bitterness and alcohol tastes linger on the palette, but not too bad. The alcohol content is 7% ABV, which does come out in the after taste, as the flavors and aromas of this Pilsner are ultimately to subtle to cover up the alcohol content. As a session beer I was a bit disappointed with the lack of full flavor especially during the winter months up here in frigid Buffalo, although I have to say this beer is very refreshing and light, probably a better fit for summer, with a fish taco on a beach side boardwalk, man… I miss summer.Image Overall, the dominant taste here was the bready/maltiness with bits of hops and a tiny bit of citrus as well. Where this Pilsner lacked in flavor however, it made up for in super drinkability and refreshing qualities.

Overall Rating: 3.5 Freshly Soaped Seagulls out of 5

Thanks for checking out our reviews guys, and as always,




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