Friday Night Stout Time!

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March 22, 2013 by kylelecl

Hey guys and welcome to BeerHub’s first ever Irish Stout Review! Que applause, WOO! Tonight after a full day of shooting a video project, me and a colleague headed over to Macgregors to grab a well deserved pint. Macgregors is a great Irish pub with real reasonable prices on their beers, as well as their great food fare, check it out when you can( ). They had a wide variety of beers on tap, including a bunch of seasonal brews, but the one that caught my eye was the Dry Irish Stout from Brooklyn Brewery, I had to get myself a pint.

Poured into a nice glass mug, my stout was a very dark brown color, almost coffee like with a one finger head on top. The smell of this stout was really deep and full, chocolaty, dark roasted coffee beans, hints of citrus hops and oak.IMG_20130321_213951[1]The taste of this beer was very unique from any stout I’ve had, as in it the flavors were much more subtle and blended, no one flavor overpowered the next. A perfect mix of dark malts, caramel, coffee, some hoppiness towards the back of the palette  and a nice lingering vanilla note that lasted till my next sip. The body was a bit more carbonated than most stouts, as should be expected from this unique case, however the beer went down super smooth, on par with any Guinness I’ve ever had. This stout was hearty, dark and super well balanced, allowing the flavors to be individually enjoyed, in stead of just one flavor, which is often the case with Irish stouts. Also this perfect balance between the malt sweetness and the darker bitter flavors, did well to essentially eliminate any alcohol flavor from the beer.

IMG_20130321_214035[1]This stout is definitely up there with any stout I’ve ever tasted, super smooth, nice coffee and chocolate flavors, a nice hearty stout for super cold nights up here in Buffalo! I therefore heartily recommend this Irish Stout, as those Brooklyn Boys have done it again with another winning brew!

Overall rating: 4 Dark Irish malts out of 5

Thanks for reading guys, and as always,



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