Beer of the Week(3/25-4/1)–Ommegang- Game of Thrones Iron Throne Blonde Ale!


March 25, 2013 by kylelecl

Hey guys, Hope you’re all rested up after a nice weekend, because it’s that time again here at BeerHub to decide the Beer of the Week. This week was an especially hard decision between two very tasty beers, but ultimately, Ommegang’s Game of Thrones Blonde ale detrhones Brookln Brewery’s Dry irish Stout for the title.

Yesterday, after a friend of mine informed me of a special limited time beer dedicated to the HBO landmark series “Game of Thrones”, I had to get my hands on a bottle. Having just started watching the series myself ( just finished episode 2), I was not super familiar with the whole history behind it, however I do know that about 90 percent of my friends all watch the show religiously, and love every minute of it. Needless to say, this purchase was a no-brainer for me. I picked up a 22 oz Bomber bottle of this mythical blonde ale from Premier Gourmet, and rushed back to my room to pour myself a pint.


After admiring the awesome bottle for a bit, I popped the medieval cork, and poured out into my clean pint. This blonde ale, poured out a really nice bright yellow-gold color, white a huge white head, similar in color to the Ommegang Witte belgian style beer. After pouring it out, I got some really nice malty-sweet aromas, some tropical fruit notes, as well as lingering fresh baked bread scents, but mostly sweet scents coming from the pour.

IMG_6060 On my first sip, I got a rush of sweetness and malts right off the bat, super clean maltiness, reminiscent of many other belgian style wheat beers Ive tasted. I also got some fruit flavors in there, banana, citrus, along with some spice notes, including pepper and a punch of clove on the backend. The hopiness of this beer is very subtle, however it is there, and you get to enjoy some of that mild bitterness that doesn’t overwhelm the pronounced malty-sweet and fruity flavors going on here. This ale had a really nice medium body, a slight carbonation, slightly thick consistency, however it goes down particularly smooth for a sweet beer. The blend of that clove and light malts does wonders for this beer, as it allows you to identify each flavor as you sip it, as well as completely mask the alcohol content, at approximately 6.5% ABV. This beer almost reminded me of those mexican sodas “Jarritos” that you can get at the corner store in sunset park, Brooklyn, as it was really refreshing for such a sweet and fruity beer.


All in all I really enjoyed this blonde ale, even though it was produced as a sort of gimmick to promote the Game of Thrones series, Ommegang seemed to have put in a lot of effort conceiving and crafting this brew, and it showed! The sweet and malty flavors all blended together well, allowing for a really refreshing and enjoyable beersperience, I’m sure Tyrion would smack little Joffery again for a bottle!

I recommend this beer to all the Belgian style wheat beer lovers, as well as all of you Game of Thrones watchers, go grab a bottle before the next season begins!

Overall Rating: 4.2 Throne Successions out of 5

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One thought on “Beer of the Week(3/25-4/1)–Ommegang- Game of Thrones Iron Throne Blonde Ale!

  1. ryanhannigan says:

    Sounds delicious! I’ll have to keep an eye out here for it!

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