Jason Kress Reviews! Flying Bison Helldiver Oatmeal Pale Ale!


March 27, 2013 by kylelecl

Hello fellow beer connoisseurs, I’ve got a nice surprise review on the Hell Diver oatmeal pale ale from the Flying Bison Brewery in Buffalo, NY. We’ll begin this little story on a Sunday morning, where before I left for work I grabbed my growler in hopes of filling it up with sweet, sweet brew. All day long I was considering my options, I finally decided upon the recent addition of the Hell Diver (which is one of the greatest names for a beer I’ve ever heard). It is of the oatmeal pale ale style which is a variety I had yet to experience so I was excited to broaden my beer horizons. 

To the beer: the color is a robust amber that radiates a resemblance to a lager, the weight of the beer however looks a little like a hefewiezen; this can be attributed to the oatmeal part of the ale.Image

The aroma was very malty and accompanied by an oak-like smell that over all was quite pleasant. The initial taste was very sharp on the front of the tongue and, like a traditional pale ale, had a very hoppy finish. Hell Diver is surprisingly really easy to drink, it would make a great addition to any restaurants tap. My friend happened to have some BBQ chicken left over from his dinner and it paired amazingly well with the Hell Diver, the blend being almost flawless.After finishing the glass, I could see this being a great beer for a tailgate or a summer BBQ with it’s easy drink-ability and fresh crisp finish. Although it’s not too complex, it’s a different kind of beer that delivers the goods.



All in all, the Hell Diver was a surprising experience that left me hopeful for the future brews of Flying Bison. If you have the opportunity, give it try.





The Hell Diver from Flying Bison earned,

A respectable 3 soaring buffaloes out of 5.

Thanks for reading, I’m going to try a new thing here to get the BeerHub community active: discussion questions! So talk to us, we’ll talk to you.

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One thought on “Jason Kress Reviews! Flying Bison Helldiver Oatmeal Pale Ale!

  1. kylelecl says:

    I’d have to go with Hobgoblin ale.

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