Homebrew Heroes- Sam Adams Longshot Collection Review!


April 8, 2013 by kylelecl

Hey guys, so Saturday night on the way back from a shoot for my upcoming video project, I decided to hit Consumer’s Beverage center for a craft brew, and after a long time loitering in the domestic section, a six pack from Sam Adams caught my eye. This six pack, The ‘Longshot’ Homebrew collection, is the culmination of the three top beers, from This year’s Sam Adam’s homebrew contest. This year’s winners are Zack Adam’s Magnificent Seven IPA, James Schirmer’s Beerflower wheat and Dave Anderson’s Strawberry Lager. All three beers were very interesting in their own way, and had separate but unique characteristics, I was definitely glad to pick this six pack up!

First up is the Beerflower Wheat! Poured out into a clean pint, this wheat beer showed a nice hazy bright gold, with a one finger white head on top. The smell that raised from the glass was mostly rye and wheat grain smells, a slight spice note was detected, it might be the hibiscus that was added to this beer as stated on the bottle. DSCN0342[1]

Taking a sip I got mostly light wheat flavors, slight sweetness, and a tanginess on the backend. There was also a nice subtle floral element that lingered on the palette after each sip. This beer was a lot thicker than expected, which was nice as it complemented the flavors well. This beer went down very smooth, with medium carbonation and tiny bubbles allowing for a nice refreshing characteristic. The mix of the subtle flavors, the easy drinkability, and medium body allowed for a nice early spring beer to enjoy on a sunny day on a rocking chair. 5.8% ABV content goes unnoticed.


Overall Rating: 3 Beerflowers out of 5

Next up I sample the Strawberry Lager. I decided to try this brew from the bottle, as the blurb states it’s designed to be enjoyed on the course after a nice game of golf. Looking in the light the color is a deep gold, with slight amber tones, light head good lacing on the bottle.


The smell pouring from the bottle as soon as I popped the cap was pure strawberry fruitiness. This beer almost smelled like a soda, super sweet scents. Tasting this fruity brew, I got hit with a strong malt presence upfront, nice toasted flavors, and of course a big heaping strawberry blast that lingers after each sip. There isn’t much hop presence going on, or bitterness for that matter, however the beer stays true to the name, as the Strawberry aromas and tastes are super abundant here. This beer is suprisingly refreshing and crisp for something so sweet, as the 5.5% ABV content goes down easy.

Overall rating: 3.1 course side beers out of 5

Last but certainly not least we have the Magnificent seven IPA. Poured out into my pint this IPA showed a dark brownish-gold, really dark for a typical IPA, with a big white head on top. Out of the bottle I got some great hoppy aromas, as this beer is made with a mix of seven strains of hops, I wasn’t surprised at the super floral, piney smell.


On my first sip, I was taken aback at the malt backbone this IPA had, there was some great toasted malt, caramel and brown sugar sweetness going on for this beer. This sweetness was immediately complemented by the huge hop presence, earthy, floral and bold. I also noticed some citrus, grapefruit and peppery notes on the backed. This beer has a great chemistry, between the dark malts, providing a sweetness, which blends perfectly with the piney/bitterness of the Hops blend, I really love this beer. I have to say for an emerging community of microbreweries interested in creating superior tasting beers, this beer gives me hope for the beers to come, as it was a homebrew experiment  that caught the attention of a major well respected brewery. This beer definitely stood out from the other two in the pack, as it provided a flavor complexity the others lacked. I would definitely buy this beer by itself if it ever gets picked up, It was a hell of an IPA! I was most surprised at how well the alcohol content 7.8% is hidden in the mix of bittersweet goodness. Zack Adam, I whole heartedly endorse your brew! Please make


Overall rating: 4.8 cowboys out of 5


If you guys want to read up on Sam Adams longshot homebrew contest you can here-


thanks for reading guys, and as always,



3 thoughts on “Homebrew Heroes- Sam Adams Longshot Collection Review!

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  3. […] Homebrew Heroes- Sam Adams Longshot Collection Review! (beerhub.wordpress.com) […]

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