Sam Adams Summer Beers Preview!

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April 18, 2013 by kylelecl

Hey guys, been a while since the last review, only because I’ve had so many great beers to sample! This week I’m bringing you some new Sam Adam’s Summer beers,  a Six point session brew, and some great beers from the Southern Tier brewery. First up I’m going to give you guys a peek at this years summer collection from Sam adams!

The first beer I grabbed from the variety pack was the Belgian Session ale, Poured into my pint this beer showed  a light amber, darkish gold hue, with a thin white head on top.


The smells I got from this beer was a mix of slight clove, light grains, and hints of orange. The taste was quite similar to the smell, however much heavier on the malts side, this beer had a very bready taste to it, with hints of clove, and a bit of orange zest on the backend, but not much was going on here. I was a little disappointed in the lack of presence of that clove and citrus you usually associate with a belgian style beer, however this is not a witte beer, so maybe they were trying to stay true to the ale style here, in that case they succeeded. The overall impression I got from this was an american ale trying to be a belgian style beer, but lacking the right punch of flavors to do so. Having said that this is an easy drinking beer, a light body with slight a medium carbonation,  a slight dry finish for a 4.25% ABV content.

Overall rating: 2.5 belgian Imposters out of 5

Next I tried the Blueberry hill lager, poured out into my pint this beer showed a dark gold color with a one finger white head, that laced down the glass nicely.



As soon as I opened the bottle I was blasted with blueberry aromas, almost like blueberry muffins freshly baked. Not surprisingly this was the primary flavor to the beer, blueberry muffins, malty backbone and fresh grains on the backend. This beer had a nice clean finish, medium body with high carbonation, not much alcohol tasted due to fruitiness,5.5% ABV here. If you enjoy fruity beers and blueberries this is a must have for you.

Overall rating: 2.7 fresh muffins out of 5

Next I tried the Porch Rocker, lemonade beer. I drank this guy right out of the bottle, as it’s the only way with a porch rocking beer! This beer had very light gold hue to it, not much of a head. The smells were primarily citrus, lemons, sweet fruit and malts. The taste was kind of like a beer mixed with lemonade, very interesting. Slight malt backbone with a highly sweet intense lemon presence, not much else going on. The drink was so sweet that it covered up the 4.5% alcohol content, with a super smooth and refreshing finish. Again, if you like light beer and lemonade, dont pass this porch rocker up.

Overall rating: 2.6 lemonade stands out of 5

Next up I gave the Summer ale a shot, right from the bottle as instructed by a veteran sam adams consumer, Jason Kress, also a writer and reviewer for BeerHub. Anyway bottle was giving off some interesting spice notes when I popped it open, as well as a big malty baked grain smell. Taste wise, this ale is pretty lacking, mostly a light malt characteristic, with a slight hint of the ‘grains of paradise’ at the very end. The body is light with medium carbonation, surprising for a wheat beer. I wasn’t expecting much from this summer ale, as I had tried it before and was very disappointed with it, and lo and behold, it strikes out again with me. Crispness and refreshing qualities are ultimately what make this dismal ale palatable, as there is a complete lack of complexity from the malts or spices used. 5.3% alcohol level is not noticed too much.

Overall rating: 2 grains of deception out of 5

Lastly after I had the two boston lagers included in the pack- (a classic favorite in my book, 4 out 5), I gave the little white rye a shot. Poured from the bottle this beer showed a nice full gold with a slight white head.



The Smells i got from the glass were interesting, a mix of rye seeds, sage and mint, as well as a nice full malty aroma going on. The taste was a lot heavier on the herbs side, I got a lot of sage, mint, rosemary notes, that balanced with the lemon peel and citrus flavors well. The wheat body worked well to bring these flavors to the palate smoothly and go down easily as well. This beer was probably the best from the pack, it had a nice peppery after taste that lingered for a while after each sip. The high carbonation masked the alcohol pretty well at 5.3% ABV. Overall this was a nice refreshing flavorful crack at a wheat beer from Sam Adams.

Overall Rating: 3.1 handfuls of sage out of 5

You can check out the sam adams summer pack here-

Thanks for reading guys, please follow the blog and as always,



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