Summer IPA Series! First up- Harpoon IPA

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May 9, 2013 by kylelecl

Hey guys, last night to celebrate being back in Brooklyn for the summer, I popped open a few brews with an old buddy of mine while we watched the Rangers beat the pulp out of the Caps last night to tie the series, woohoo! Anyway I decided that because I was back in the 718, I had to have an IPA because it was here in BKLYN that I enjoyed my first ever IPA. I picked up a pack of Harpoon‘s rendition of the India Pale Ale, and deliciousness ensued.

Popping open my bottle, I got some piney hoppy aromas, with some slight malty notes. On my first sip, I got a very subtle hops blend, not too overpowering, countered with a big malt presence that smoothed down the mixture to make a nice lighter IPA than I’m not used too. The after taste was a mix of bitter hops and slight tangy lemon peels.


I liked the body of this beer, very big and bubbly, super carbonated, really had a crisp refreshing quality to it. This beer has a great copper color, with a decent sized head.For a summer IPA this beer was hitting all the right notes, sometimes you get just way too much floral hoppiness that tends to over saturate the ale, but here we have a nice mix of toasted malts with some fragrant hops that go well together, and help to mask a 5.9% alcohol content. All in all i liked this beer, its an easy drinker especially for a nice sunny day in summer.


Overall rating: 3.8 sunny hoppy days out of 5

thanks for reading guys, if you want to learn more about Harpoon IPA click the link below, and as always,


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