Brooklyn’s Best – Coney Island Lager

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June 1, 2013 by kylelecl

Hey folks its been a while since my last review, i’ve been super busy tasting some great beers, especially some awesome beers made right here in my hometown of Brooklyn. Ive decided to start a Brooklyn’s best review series in order to create a great index for craft brews originating in Brooklyn. Most people immediately think Brooklyn brewery when they think of brooklyn beer but there are plenty of other great beers brewed in Brooklyn, including coney island brewery and their version of an american lager. So lets get started.


While hanging out last night with my friend from out of town we hit 200 on fifth sports bar for a beer and some grub. I noticed the coney island lager on tap so i went for a pint of that. The beer showed up with a nice dark amber color and a tiny white head. The piney aroma reminded me of more of an Ipa than your typical lager, which was interesting. On my first sip i got a big hit of full flavored maltiness, toasted oats, dark molasses sweetness with some countering hoppy bitterness that was actually really pronounced in this lager. I really enjoyed the hop presence in this beer it took my concept of a lager and flipped it around. As opposed to your average monotonous bland american lager this coney island lager is complex and refreshing. The mix of toasty flavors from the malts blend with the bittering hops that are detectable but not overpowering make this lager a great crisp flavourful and most importantly refreshing beer for these humid summer nights. The body is good on this lager, heavy and highly carbonated which helped to mask the 5.5 percent alcohol content.  I would definitely say if your someone who is used to a Budweiser but looking to try a local good beer this lager is the one for you.Image

Overall rating: 4 nathans hot dogs out of 5

Thanks for reading guys more Brooklyn beers are on the way.

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