Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ is Definitely Something.


July 1, 2013 by kylelecl

Hey Guys, This is the first review I’ve posted in a while I apologize, working at Summer Stage in Central Park can get pretty hectic, anyway I’ve had the opportunity to try out a few new brews during that time, most of them good, and I’m ready to share my thoughts.

First up we have a beer I was very excited to try from Lagunitas Brewing Cali, as It had been recommended to me by a few friends and fellow beer nuts, and as expected this ale did not let down. The Sumpin’ Sumpin’ ale I enjoyed straight from the bottle with a few friends on a lazy friday night, while watching some of the Stanley Cup finals, but as I have seen on the web and from peeking into the bottle this beer has a hazy dark gold color, and a cream colored head. The aroma I got from the beer was very piney and grassy, but also some floral hops notes and a bit of sweetness I guessed was from the malts. The first sip was great, a really strong hit of hoppiness, citrus and a big mouth puckering bite of bitterness, but these flavors settled down once the huge malt mix added a unique blend of fresh baked bread and almost honey like sweetness to the flavor.


The alcohol is not very noticeable which is a good thing as this ale boasts a 7.5% ABV rating, dangerous! I think the thing to note about this ale is the overall great experience you
have while drinking it, The clever labeling gives it an unpretentious feel to this brewing company, the great blending and superb brewing of hops and malts lends to a crisp and easy drinking beverage, not too overpowering on the palette, and a higher carbonation build up that makes each sip that much more refreshing. For a craft brewed ale, I felt as If I was putting back light lager from the corner store, as it was so easy drinking and refreshing. Watch out when you get a sixer of this stuff as it will definitely creep up on you after just two bottles.

Overall Rating: 4.4 Sumpin’s out of 5

Thanks for reading guys, the next review will be up very soon, until next time,



One thought on “Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ is Definitely Something.

  1. dasalehaus says:

    Lagunitas hops the hell out of all their beers, and this one is no exception. Definitely one of my favorite beers this time of year, so light and refreshing, yet full of flavor. Delicious.

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