Micro Brew Reviews- Three Pines IPA at the Gilded Otter, New Paltz, NY


September 5, 2013 by kylelecl

Hey guys, long time no review, so here’s a really good beer and possible vacation destination for all you beer lovers out there. On a quick trip upstate to hang with some close friends in New Paltz, I had the honor of being taken around to all the great watering holes, beer halls and dives that the Paltz had to offer.

Only the second stop along our bar hopping path was The Gilded otter, a huge restaurant and brewery with seasonal beer offerings. After trying a sample of each beer on tap, I went for the Three Pines IPA. This was a really great beer lover’s beer, with a beautiful dark orange/gold color, and nice white lacing along the rim.

Three Pines IPA

This IPA had a nice floral aroma, piney as well, with a strong hops presence detected right away. My first sip was a mix of huge hops presence as well as some nice lemon and sweet malts notes in the mix. A lot of the time people shy away from IPAs because of their notorious bitter taste, however this particular IPA  was not super bitter at all. The mix of the toasted malts as well as a substantial citrus character gave this beer a great feel and refreshing quality for an end of summer brew. The body was incredibly smooth, medium carbonation and a slight bite from the alcohol on the way down. This beer is a perfect way to finish a day out in the wilderness, swimming in the mountain streams of New Paltz, no wonder the name is Three Pines. Overall, for a brewbar’s IPA this beer was incredible, and I highly recommend it to anyone in the New Paltz area.

Overall rating: 4.3 Brau hauses out of 5

To learn more about the Gilded Otter check out their website! http://www.gildedotter.com/home.htm

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