Fall Series Begins-Sierra Nevada-Southern Hemisphere Harvest


September 8, 2013 by kylelecl

Hey guys, last night it went down to 58 degrees here in Buffalo, so I decided to pick up some fall seasonal brews to match the climate. To kick off my favorite seasonal series, I tried a 220z bomber of Southern Hemisphere Harvest fresh hop ale from Sierra Nevada, as well as a bomber of double pumpkin ale from Sam Adams, which I will cover in the next review. This Harvest ale was both on sale at my favorite beer store, Premier Gourmet, and very freshly brewed, so I was doubly obliged to pick up a bottle.

Cracking open this bottle back at the Beer lounge just in time for the start of the football season, The piney, floral smell of hops fumigated the entire apartment. I got complaints from my neighbors about the fresh hoppy smell, no not really, but it was super pungent. Anyway after huffing in some hops aroma, I poured this beast into a pint glass, to reveal its beautiful golden-amber color and small white head. This ale looked like it was poured from Zeus’ personal keg on Mt. Olympus, it was a sight to behold.


My first sip of this brew was a punch of hops right away, complex flavors, grapefruit, citrus and dried fruitiness on the back-end. The overall bitterness of this beer is significant, however the nice blend of malts and darker fruit flavors, like raisin or apricots, allowed for a fusion of sweet and bitter. This IPA features fresh hops from New Zealand, which add a nice spicy flavor to the already bittersweet mix. The mouth feel of this beer is smooth, medium carbonation and a slightly dry finish, however for a 6.7 ABV content, it’s not too bad. I have to say this beer really surprised me, I was expecting a really overpowering hoppy flavor, from the aroma, but the mix of NZ hops and N. American malts allowed for a counterbalancing of flavors. All in all for 4.99 at the grocery store, this bomber was a steal in my opinion. A really good beer from a really good brewery, pick this beer up now, while it’s fresh. Happy Football!

Southern Hemisphere Harvest-Sierra Nevada


Overall Rating: 4.5 New Zealand Hops out of 5

If you want to read more on Sierra Nevada, check out there site-http://www.sierranevada.com/beer/specialty/southern-hemisphere-harvest/






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