Holiday MIXER SIXER 2014: by Jason “Maddog” Kress

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November 13, 2014 by kylelecl

You have just finished finals. You just presented that big project to your boss. You have just sludged into the house after carving your path from the car like one of those boats that chugs through the ice caps. You drop your coat, you hug your girl/man, and you want something. The fire is burning, the ham is glazed and the nog is fresh. You hear “Blue Christmas” for the 582nd time (you’ve been keeping track this year). You smell the pine (candle) You sit down. No. Wait. Something is still missing. But wait, what? AH HA! You scurry over to the fridge with a new found fervor. THIS is what you’ve been looking for. THIS is what you’ve waited all year for. You crack it open. Smell it in all it’s holiday glory. You pour it down your throat. The moment is perfect.This is an article regarding the holiday beer lineup, mainly the beers that you should be on the look out for. I’ll give you 6 different brews for you holiday mixer-sixer. Let me know what you think.

The Classics
1. Sierra Nevada Celebration: this is a fresh hop ale that is must have during the holiday season. Don’t let the festive label mistake you for a spiced beer, this is straight shot fresh hope ale. But man is it delicious.
2. Anchor Brewing Christmas Ale: They change it up a little every year with a new tree drawing on the label and you can get it in a bomb ass magnum bottle. Little minty freshness. 

Local Flavor
1. Southern Tier 2Xmas: I don’t remember this one too well, but everyone else is all about it so go for it.
2. Sixpoint Global Warmer: Another beer going against the traditional spiced beer route with a red ipa. It’s good and comes in 12oz red bull cans so TRAIN BEERS!
Pinky’s Out Fancy Brew
1. Delirium Noel: It’s pretty much champagne so put it in a clean glass, put it in a music video, you’ve already won. Plus Elephants
2. Founders Breakfast Stout: You should just always be drinking this beer. For science. And health. Chocolate is good for you. Coffee is good for you. Beer is good for you.
The Embodiment of the Holiday Season Beer
Troegs Mad Elf: If you drink only one beer from this list, make it the mad elf. A spiced ale that’s a monstrous 11%. The spices, alcohol, craftsmanship are all noteworthy attributes of the holiday season and are reflected perfectly here.
I know this is 7 beers, but if you will not regret any one of these purchases. Impress your friends. Drink good beer.

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