Summer Extending Pales and Pils

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August 25, 2016 by kylelecl

What’s the word ya scurvy dogs? ya scallywags? ya landlubbers?

Not sure where you’re reading this from but it’s been a brutally hot and sticky summer aboard my pirate ship. As the cool breezes of fall begin to set in, allow me to offer up a fist full of summery beer suggestions to prevent the chill of winter from setting in too soon (assuming we still have winter anymore, damn farting cows! *<Thanks Obama>*).

First Up.

NoDa Brewing Company- Hop Drop ‘N Roll IPA

Starting off with a more powerful citrusy, grassy, piney, summer camp in the deep woods of Vermont type of beer is this IPA offering from NoDa Brewing in Charlotte NC. This beer is perhaps more of a “I just grilled a fresh caught tuna steak to a perfect medium rare and need an earthy counterpart to the dish” kind of beer. Grab the limes, this beer packs a punch. Sitting at a respectable 7.2% ABV it is also more of a one or two shot kind of beer as well. Unless it’s Thursday night of course. In in any case, this beer pours a hazy copper into a pint glass with a nice cream colored head that retains itself nicely throughout sipping. The aroma is that of caramel candies, pine needles and slight lemon peel notes as well. The taste is more of a sweet and bitter balance, with a blast of crunchy earthy hops upfront, followed by notes grapefruit and melon, a nice backbone of malty flavors, on the darker side of the IPA scale, but finishing with a nice bright hop bitterness that turns this IPA from just another hop bomb to a well rounded palate adventurer, an umami effect. Medium body here with a lingering bitter finish, nice.

4.8 airport burger joints out 5


Firestone Walker Pivo Hoppy Pils

This beer takes the refreshing style of a German Pilsner and tosses in some extra hop funk just to add some extra love to your palate. I recently tried this offering from Firestone at a pub in Brooklyn, and after a full day of working outside in this humid swamp style weather we’ve been experiencing lately, it was just what the beer doctor ordered. The beer pours a clear light golden color, with a nose of that unmistakable Saaz hops which is light and grassy. The taste is that of a pilsner but with more oomph, delivered from the additional hops, a bit citrusy, a bit piney, but not over the top with a solid light biscuity malt backbone to balance. The body as you’d expect is super crisp and clean. A perfect summertime beer for all occasions. A 5.3% ABV that won’t be noticed even after a six pack.

4.5 swampy days out of 5


Evil Twin Low Life Pils

If you haven’t heard of Evil Twin Brewing yet now you have, they churn out some pretty incredible stuff and they seem to have a never-ending repertoire of brewing styles, constantly pushing the boundaries on traditional brewing. This pilsner is less of a pilsner and more of a hybrid session IPA and Pilsner. It pours a really hazy yellow and has notes of fruity hops, more tropical than European. With that being said however this interesting hybrid beer is delicious. It tastes of bready light malts, with melon and citrus notes, a big burst of grapefruit, with a crisp dry finish. I think the addition of the exotic hops adds a nice change of pace to your typical pilsner. If you’re looking for some IPA action but like the crisp finish of a pilsner look no further. The 5.3% ABV is low enough to have a few, perhaps poolside on a lawn chair.


4.4 lawn chairs out of 5

Druthers Brewing Gose

I tried this interesting German summer style beer while up in Albany recently. This brewing company up there does some pretty solid beer, while not trying to reinvent the wheel. The Gose style is a lesser known summer style beer brewed with 50% wheat and 50% barley malts creating a slightly hazy style but still crisp and refreshing on a hot day. The true standout character of this style is that it is brewed with salt, which really offsets the malty and lemon zest flavors nicely, adding a sharper finish which is nice to energize you when you need a lift. Druthers offering is a well done version of the German Gose, with a nice hazy yellow pour, a slight white head, and a nice salty lemony aroma. The tastes are sharp lemon peel, a slight floral hops, and a salty crisp aftertaste that leaves your tongue wanting more. The salt actually acts as an electrolyte when you’re outside moving around a lot in the sun, helping to replenish your body’s salt levels. If you’re in the mood for something new on a really hot day, go for this brew. At a crowd pleasing 5.6% ABV this is a great session beer for a ballpark or racetrack.


4.8 electrolytes out of 5


If you enjoyed this review feel free to follow my blog for plenty of more beer reviews to come, or don’t it’s a free country, do what ya want.

Please visit these brewery sites to learn more about their own unique offerings and tours:


See ya on the next one!



** I did not create any of the images above with exception of the first photograph. The respective breweries created and own these images as well as any creative licensing rights to them**






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